Beyond the purely judicial aspect, the concept Swiss Made defines without ambiguity a Swiss know-how that has been lasting for over a century and that must be preserved.

For Fabhor Suisse the Swiss Made label represents more than just a brand. It indicates the perfection of our craftsmanship and the constant pursuit of excellence at affordable prices.

Fabhor Suisse is a concrete answer to the maintenance and strengthening of the brand in the watchmaking industry.

Swiss Made


We strive to become your active and preferred partner in the promotion of the Swiss watch making industry. In order to accomplish this we guarantee:

+ watch components 100% Swiss Made of impeccable quality

+ a service based on maximum flexibility and innovation as well as rigor and precision all based at the same production site

+ a production capacity that can be adapted to the needs of the customer

+ an unbeatable quality-price ratio

+ the respect of guidelines and regulations to guarantee a responsible and optimal management of environmental resources.


Fabhor Suisse is specialized in the production of WATCH CASES and related components such as:

+ crowns

+ pushers

+ correctors

+ circles

+ top rings

+ pins

+ screws

+ and other products.

Swiss Made

All produced articles are guaranteed 100% Swiss Made. The toolings used in production (molds, jigs, collets) are designed and manufactured internally.

Production uses different materials among others:

+ steel

+ titanium

+ ceramics

+ precious metals

+ and other materials.


Thanks to its vanguard technology and innovation, the operational structure of Fabhor Suisse is perfectly equipped to answer effectively to any requirements. It allows us to guarantee irreproachable quality, reliability over time and a winning reactiveness. Our internal experts are proficient in various areas:

+ decolletage - stamping - calibration

+ CNC controlled production, monospindle, multispindle, transfer

+ finishing: barrel finishing, satellite, buffing, brushed satin effect finishing, manual as well as automated polishing

+ welding: brazing - TIG - laser

+ engraving: mechanical - laser

+ assembly: manual and automated

+ stringent final quality control.

A team of engineers and technicians develops all products starting from a drawing, sketch or prototype on CAD «pro-Engineer».

The technical office is able to follow a project from the definition of technical specifications, the planning of the product, the feasibility study, the operating range, the technical file, through to the prototyping and commencing of the project.

The production planning department optimizes procedures in order to deliver the best possible service.

Fabhor Suisse masters all the various steps of production, development and final assembly.

Swiss Made

Contact details

  • Via Penate 16, 6850 Mendrisio, Switzerland
  • Tel: +41 (0)91 640 50 00
  • Fax: +41 (0)91 640 50 01

Fabhor Suisse is a Swiss establishment, independent from major watchmaking group, starting its production with 50 people. It is located in Mendrisio (Ticino), 10 km from the Italian Border. After Geneva and the Jurassian Arc area, Ticino is since many years well equipped with watchmaking skills, with more than 2’500 jobs in this sector.

The company is situated within a triangle hosting the most important providers of precious metals and consequently, benefits from an extreme convenience and swiftness in business exchanges.

Fabhor Suisse operates from a new and well equipped site located in Via Penate 16.